Thursday, March 30, 2006

Grey beret

A made this berret in the car on our way to Italy (from Sweden). I wanted it to be stiffer than the ones I made before so I put the yarn double. I made it from some leftovers I had (Lana Gatto). The pattern comes from tata-tatao. I translated it with this translator and modified it slightly. I used 3mm dpn for the ribbing (K2 P2 instead of K1 P1 like in the pattern). The K2P2 ribbing meets the 6 ribs on the beret in a much nicer way. I used 4mm dpn for the beret. I ended the beret with an I-cord (the last 6sts). The ribbing was at first very tight for my head, but since it's a beret I wanted it to be like that. After some wearing it stretched and is now perfect! Here you can see me wearing it in some photos taken in San Gimignano.

Here is my modified pattern. Cast on 16x6sts. K2P2 for the ribbing. On the "growing" part of the beret increase 1st on each side of the ribs every two rows for 7 times. Then decrease 1st on each side of ribs every three rows for 13 times (you'll have 12sts). Next row (after finishing the graphic chart) decrease 6sts (you'll have 6sts). Work the I-cord for 4cm. Cast off.