Tuesday, November 29, 2005

この帽子について Rib Beret

For Isolde's fourth birthday in September I gave her some pink yarn. We were supposed to dress all in pink for that occasion. Isolde's favourite colour. So I knit her a Rib Beret. I found a very nice one at a japanese site. The pattern is in japanese but it has a grafic chart. Then I translated it with Babel Fish that has a japanese-english translater (mainly to get the gauge and the size of needle and yarn). Well and then I had to convert the japanese needle size to european... I altered the pattern a bit to make it fit Isolde's tiny head. It turned out quite nice and Isolde was so happy. It is softer than the original one andd it didn't assume the same shape. Next time I will use a tweed and knit it tighter.


Blogger Janey said...


I have had that very site saved as a Favorite for a couple of YEARS, so I could someday figure out how to knit that beret. I even downloaded the Japanese update from Windows for it too. (Don't know why - in case I ever learned Japanese?) I played around with Babel Fish, but computer instructions and I don't mix at all.
I looked at the graph and thought, "Okay, that LOOKS easy enough to follow. When I get a few days of spare time, I will try it."

Please could you send me your pattern? I'd have to adapt it for an adult head, but ...
I would seriously be indebted.

8:46 AM  
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